And so it begins

First big interview was published today, in The Age and SMH, double-page spread and even the cover story on A2. Wasn’t expecting the cover!

I guess I should have expected that the sex gets the attention. The Age somehow managed to put a sidebar box featuring my picture and below a quote from the article: the quote about the type of sex in the book. Sigh. It’s really not what the book is about as far as I’m concerned. It’s a book about love and loneliness, which includes sex. I couldn’t have written a book about relationships without including the sex, it would have been only part of the story! But I really hope the sex aspect doesn’t get all the attention. What about my lovely adjectives??

Just, really, getting my head around the idea that the book is really out there. People are reading it. And as they do, it becomes something beyond my control or purview; it becomes a part of the world. I guess that’s a nice thing; it’s what I wanted. Weird, but.

I’ll be off all this week interstate doing media. Big radio interviews, events, press. Better get used to the idea that the book is out in the world: no use pretending it ain’t!

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