And so it begins

First big interview was published today, in The Age and SMH, double-page spread and even the cover story on A2. Wasn’t expecting the cover!

I guess I should have expected that the sex gets the attention. The Age somehow managed to put a sidebar box featuring my picture and below a quote from the article: the quote about the type of sex in the book. Sigh. It’s really not what the book is about as far as I’m concerned. It’s a book about love and loneliness, which includes sex. I couldn’t have written a book about relationships without including the sex, it would have been only part of the story! But I really hope the sex aspect doesn’t get all the attention. What about my lovely adjectives??

Just, really, getting my head around the idea that the book is really out there. People are reading it. And as they do, it becomes something beyond my control or purview; it becomes a part of the world. I guess that’s a nice thing; it’s what I wanted. Weird, but.

I’ll be off all this week interstate doing media. Big radio interviews, events, press. Better get used to the idea that the book is out in the world: no use pretending it ain’t!

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  1. Kay Morgan says:

    Hi Kate
    Have read and thoroughly enjoyed both your books also attended a session of yours at the Byron Writers Festival, We were in Paris yesterday and went to the Musee D’Orsay
    where we were sold tickets by a girl, who was from Melbourne and if it was not you you have a double! Was it you?
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next book.

    • kate says:

      Hi Kay

      Alas it was not me in Paree! If only. I seem to have a few doubles, most of whom live in Brunswick. Thanks so much and very glad you liked my book!

  2. Zoe says:

    Sex sells baby..
    Screw the publicity I can definitely see the focus of love and loneliness , rather than sex. People are idiots, but I guess you know that already. I also lived in Rome for a while, and struggled with loneliness in the big old city. You describe everything so well, from the Gypsy’s in your favorite square, to the roles of the different immigrants from selling annoying toys, to drugs, to fake handbags.
    You’re a star and inspiration, I really hope to catch you ‘live’ someday.
    pea’s 😉
    Melbourne gypsy

    • kate says:

      Thanks Zoe, it’s funny I’m quite proprietorial about Roma but then when someone else says they’ve lived there I’m so delighted! She’s a bitch of a city at times but I go back and back, as often as I can, and nothing is quite is sublime as a sunny day in Rome.

      xxx Kate

  3. Olwyn Conrau says:

    Hi Kate

    I saw you speak at the Vermont South Library and wanted to say that I really enjoyed your talk and admire your openness and your ability to take responsibility for your life. In particular, I found it interesting how you discussed the cool people of St Kilda and indeed the nature of cool itself being in the culture of drugs, artists and students. I mention this because I have my own memoir coming out about my life in St Kilda in the late 80s. It was almost surreal hearing someone else describe the lifestyle there so closely. I was a bit younger and my story was more a coming of age scenario, experimenting with drugs and thinking you (well, I) owned the world. I didn’t fall into the world of heroin and prostitution but so easily could have.
    Anyway, I was relieved to hear someone finally say that there is no obvious motivation as to why a person takes anything, let alone heroin. That it could in fact happen to anyone, and usually it does.
    I’m looking forward to reading The Romantic…and as for the focus on sex in the reviews, well, I have to wonder if it’s because you’re a woman that it’s such a big deal. I’ve just reread Luke Davies’ Candy and Andrew McGahan’s Praise (loads of sex) yet they get the glam, ‘grunge lit’ genre… Be proud, you’re a beautiful and honest writer, with a story or two to tell and with a captivated audience growing by the minute…

    • kate says:

      Hi Olwyn and thankso both for writing to me and coming to my talk. How sweet you are! And yes, am reeling a bit from two pieces in the papers this morning both focussed firmly and snidely on the sexiness/tawdriness of the sex in The Romantic so am a bit… shall we say frustrated? Anyway. You’re right about male writers and different standards, I’ve been saying the same thing for some time. Anyway enough venting from me but I do hope you like the new book if you get hold of it. And thanks again for your encouragement!



  4. Author Author says:

    The Romantic is really quite something. Very moving. Beautiful writing. Poignant, exhilarating. Thank you. Makes one think – perhaps “we” are really simply “us” all along.

    Perhaps its having the grit -and some luck- to survive the chasms, the risks and the peaks, so we reach a time and space where we can take in our grace and our flaws as they are, rather than be wearied by one at the expense of the other.

    Thank you for a really damned good book. Here’s hoping there’ll be another, in time. With best wishes…

  5. Lisa Hodson says:

    hey Kate – congrats on getting through the Bastardy Second Bit! totally missing out on all the bookseller goss, didn’t know no.2 was about to be released. a wonderful surprise to see your luvverly mug on the copy of my Age last weekend!
    love reading your columns on a Saturday morning, and just listened to the interview with Richard Fidler, so i feel like i’m stalking you by writing this now!! but managed to stuff up your email address & very glad you’ve got a grown up website of your very own so i can say hello, love your work, keep writing, enjoy the ride for next few months and to everyone else that’s reading this – BUY THE BOOK! mwah, Lisa x

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