Does my kid deserve a healthy world?

A few months ago I was invited to write a piece for Right Now, a human rights advocacy organisation here in Australia, on any topic I chose. I was originally thinking of eco-vs-human rights (mostly provoked by Tony Abbott’s “Coal is good for humanity” quote) but that is a HUGE topic. So instead I realised that like lots of parents I worry and wonder about what kind of planet my child is growing up on and what it will be like by his adulthood. This essay is me questioning to what extent a child has a ‘right’ to a healthy environment. It turns out that human rights and environmental issues are more tightly involved than I’d expected…

Many thanks to Right Now and Roselina Press for the chance to write this, learn more, and explore my thoughts. And to Rebecca Murphy for the gorgeous artwork.

Here’s a link to the essay: A Child’s Right to a Good Earth on the Right Now website.

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