Er, I am pathetic at keeping this blog going.

*tumbleweeds*, as we used to say back in 2003 when I was an EARLY ADOPTER OF BLOGS AND NO ONE KNEW WHAT THE WORD ‘BLOG’ MEANT.

Anyway, these are some links to stuff of late. I’m writing semi-regularly for The Saturday Paper, a glorious publication (honestly, it is) and occasional bursts of other stuff. Some public appearances on panels etc, and a lot of telepathic note-taking towards essays that never seem to get writ. Well. I do the best I can.


Interview, in parts, on RawCourageTV, digital tv by Margie Warrell, 2015. Part 1, part 2.

A short on-stage interview by Stephen Lang for Outspoken, in Maleny, QLD, Sept 2015 (podcast)

A panel I appeared on at Brisbane Writers Festival on drugs and the phenemenon of addiction, hosted by Paul Barclay and ABC’s Big Ideas (podcast), Sept 2015.

A feature in The Guardian Australia, marking ten years since the publication of In My Skin, November 2015

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