In My Skin — Some reviews

I got a fair number of review of IN MY SKIN when it came out — in fact, rather more than I can remember. Most were, thankfully, positive! But 2005 was before online publication was so widespread for this kind thing. So many were only on paper. Here are some of those that are still available.


From The Compulsive Reader, Magdalena Ball, April 2016. A late revisiting!

From The Age

From The Monthly magazine

From The Observer (UK)

From The Guardian (UK)

From The New Review

By Rae Frances, historian of sex work

Readers’ reviews on GoodReads

“…the enchanting prose narrative effervescing with heartache and personal tragedy, inducing a desire in the reader to continue supping her words, the act of reading itself mirroring the self-destructive heroin addiction the authoress experienced first-hand as she desperately lived her story.” Wanabehuman online review by Abigail O’Reilly

Website video review from show, ‘For the Love of Books’ on STUDIO, April 2012.

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