In My Skin — the Page 69 Test

This is a site which invites writers to find page 69 of their book and discuss it–the writing, the story, the style. Mine is here.

Comments welcome!

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  1. Steve says:

    HI Kate,
    I am reading “in my Skin and will follow up with The Romantic. I was originally drawn to your writing by your interview with Richard Fiedler and I was struck by your courage and candour.

    What an amazing life you have led. We all have our own adventures to lead. Thank you for telling us part of your life.

    I wish you health and happiness


    • kate says:

      Hi Steve

      Sorry it took a while for me to answer! And thank you so much for the message, it’s so lovely of you to take the time to let me know you read my book. The interview I did with Richard was a total pleasure to do, he has such a great manner and way of drawing a person out. I’m more than happy that people are still reading my book — and I hope you like The Romantic. As you say, everyone has adventures and following the paths of your own or others’ is an interesting process. I try to learn from other people’s journeys.

      Health and happiness to you too, Steve — my life is wonderful these days so I’m pretty grateful for that. 🙂

      xxxx Kate

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