Radio interviews, online recorded events, features and podcasts about The Winter Road

Lindsay McDougall on ABC Illawarra interviewed me in early September, I’m on for fifteen minutes from 35:40.

Georgia Stynes interviewed me on her Afternoon show on ABC Canberra about the book and me winning the Sisters in Crime Davitt Award, in August 2022

Elizabeth Walton interviewed me about the book and its writing on her new blog, Word Room, in July 2022.

Interview in The Walkley Foundation’s digital magazine on the writing of The Winter Road, which won the 2022 Walkley Book Award.

Big Ideas, the long-running current affairs program on ABC’s RN radio, interviewed me in July. 50 minutes of digging into the story and the long history that frames it.

A podcast, and accompanying feature article, in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend, May 2021. The “often bitter gulf between rural development and wildlife preservation is one of the central themes explored by Holden in her Good Weekend feature story this week: “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE, TURNER. YOU’RE GOING TO DIE.”

Holden, speaking on the latest episode of Good Weekend Talks, explains how the murder of Turner has even been described as a “terrorist act” in the name of a cause, namely railing against unjust or overly prescriptive land management laws. It was astonishingly reframed by certain parties, that the laws were the problem.

The Good Weekend also ran a four-page excerpt of the book.

Nice interview I did with Richard Glover on his famous Drive show for ABC.

The Good Reading Podcast interview, May 2021

I did a lovely interview with Michael Lester for ABC Northern Beaches in May 2021.

Journalist Christine Jackman interviewed me for Avid Bookshop in an online, recorded event put up on YouTube.

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